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What is a dedicated server? The term dedicated server is used to describe a physically independent server. This is used specifically for a specific purpose or by only one single customer so that all available technical resources are exclusively available to them.

In the field of web hosting, a dedicated server is a physically independent Server that is only made available to a single customer. The customer can therefore use the entire technical performance of the server, including the CPU performance, the main memory, the hard disk capacity and the network bandwidth, for the projects hosted on the server. In addition, the customer is solely responsible for the administration of the server and can also make any desired individualizations here.

Dedicated servers can be distinguished based on the following performance criteria: Processors: CPU performance and processor cores, RAM: Available RAM, Hard disks: Available space, RAID system: Integrated backup system of the hard disks, Operating systems: Linux or Windows

Advantages of dedicated servers

  • Greater security
  • Individual administration n software
  • Greater availability
  • Better speed
  • Optimal search engine optimization

Premium Dedicated Servers in Europe

EU-Dedicated offer high-availability Europe dedicated servers in global locations like Netherlands & Germany. Dedicated servers are definitely an important part of the wide range on the web hosting market and are particularly interesting for users in the professional sector. Which server solution is suitable for a customer ultimately depends on various criteria. For more information about these services, please refer to the following pages.
If you want to order something, it can be done very easily within our customer panel. If our standard servers not fit in your particular needs then you can contact us with details. After identifying your requirement, we will offer you customized server setup.

Netherlands (NL) Servers

netherlands server

We never compromise with quality and this is the reason we are well equipped with hardware from reliable and top most brands for our Netherlands dedicated servers. We use EvoSwitch, EUNetworks and GreenHouse Data Centers which are located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands / Holland

Germany (DE) Servers

germany server

Our Germany dedicated servers are hosted in Telecity, Frankfurt and Equinix, Dusseldorf, Germany (Deutschland). These datacenters have provisions with individual gigabit fibre uplinks that are connected to different networks in internet considered as peer backbones of network.

Romania (RO) Servers

romania server offer romanian servers hosted in modern datacenter voxility, located in Bucharest, They operate their own network infrastructure and use latest generation of HP, DELL and Supermicro servers, which offers performance, stability and reliability of the applications and websites as you need.

Standard Network Services

1gbps bandwidth server

High Availability: 5.5+ Tbps of Bandwidth Capacity

offshore dedicated server

Upstreams: Telia Sonera, Level(3) NTT

germany dedicated server

100% Redundant Infrastructure

dedicated server netherlands

Multiple Gigabit Backbone: Low latency Network

dedicated server germany

Hardware SLA : 24x7 Real Time Support

100tb server

100Mbps, 1Gbps & 10Gbps Ports.

Client area features

bitcoin server replica server
  • FREE Best Effort SLA
  • Dedicated Bandwidth Port
  • 24 / 7 / 365 Support
  • Realtime Reboot Function
  • Realtime Rescue Mode
  • Realtime Traffic Uses

Looking for Custom Server..?

game server hosting ip hosting

We duly offer custom dedicated servers with high-end hardware such as Dual Quad Core's, upto 1TB RAM and 90TB HDD's, with full 10Gbps dedicated / unshared unmetered bandwidth and many more.

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